The Art of Photography: food for thought

People tend to lump photographs into two categories: snapshots and photography.

The distinction between the two are pretty clear. Snapshots are generally considered informal photographs, taken on a spur of moment with no real planning. No studio equipment, no consideration for light, rule of thirds, etc.

And all other photographs are, well, photography. Planned in some shape or form. The photographer puts thought into how their subject is lit, how the ultimate image is pleasing to the eye. Portraits, studio images, commercial images would mainly fall in this category.

I contend that there is a third form of photography: fine art photography. These images are the ones in which a photographer takes it a step further. The images are created with the intent of conveying a message or has aesthetic values.

The distinction between the photography and fine art photography, however, is fine. How do we separate the two? Is there some overlap? (I say yes). When does an image transcend to the status of being fine art? How do we categorize that?

What are your thoughts?


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