I’d like to make constructive criticism of images a regular feature on this blog. If you’d like to partake, you’ll need a thick skin. I’m not mean, but I am honest and I’m not the sort to offer false praise. I don’t do the “ooh, it’s so pretty!” shtick.

I am forthright. I will offer my best opinion in an objective, practical manner. If I think your picture’s eff’ed up, I’ll let you know in a polite manner. If I see areas I think you can improve, I’ll say it. And let’s be honest – pretty much every image out there could use some improvement.

Here’s an example of my work. For a few weeks in either 2009 or 2010, I played with the idea of putting Star Wars Legos troopers in different situations.

By Zombie Photography

This image is cropped a little too tightly. It’d be nice to have a better scope of what challenges the figs are facing. Also, what’s that guy at the bottom doing? Is he climbing or holding the rope? It’s not really clear. In short, you need to take a bit more time to set the scene.

While the camera angle is interesting, it does this particular image a disservice – again, it’s hard to get a grasp on the scope of what’s going on here. That said, I like the DOF (f13). You could’ve opened it up a bit more for a shallower DOF, it might’ve improved the image a bit by making the illusion of distance between the figs on the step and the figs on ground even more vast.

You came very close to blowing out the whites (overexposing), but it kinda works here; it lends the image a sort of a harsh, gritty look. That said, I suggest looking into using off-camera flash with a diffuser for future works on this scale.

If you’re interested, hit the “email Zombie!” link in the left column just below the text, and send me the image you’d like CC on. Be sure to downsize it to 600pixel wide, and write in either body of email or an attachment that you grant Zombie Photography permission to put the image on this site (I will not provide CC otherwise). Include your real name, date you took the photo, and tell me how you’d like the image credited (if you don’t want your real name posted). If you like, slap a copyright logo on it, just make sure it’s transparent enough for me to see the image clearly.

Oh yeah, please: no birds, flower or sunset pictures. They’re literally a dime a dozen. Thanks!