Getting creative!

Bored by the standard flower, bird, sunset and portrait sessions? You’re not alone (cheesy statement, I know, but seriously – you’re not).

Some ways to break that rut: Look at other “creative” photographers'” works for inspiration.

One of my favorite is Brooke Shaden on flickr. She relies heavily on post-processing, which isn’t my cup of tea, but even if I ignore that aspect, her works still blows my mind. So creative!
where the storm goes

Three ideas for you to try this week:

  1. Use a common household item in an unexpected way. For example: a field of balloons with your model sitting somewhere in it. All you need is a big bag of balloons and a healthy pair of lungs.
  2. Clones: depict one person in various positions interacting in a realistic-ish way. Eg: kitchen, clone #1 holds a pot, clone #2 tries to sneak a taste, clone #3 gags, clone #4 freaks out over the mess.
  3. Bodyscape: Photograph a body part using dramatic lighting.

Side note: I think I’ll be making “Getting creative!” a semi-regular feature.