Getting creative!

I am stuck on the “tell a story” technique. It’s such a great way to photograph. It helps you plan the picture, makes you think about the elements in an image. Everything has got its importance – the subject, props, the setting, the mood, and if it’s appropriate, even the postprocess (I’m not a huge fan of heavy postprocessing – an article for another time). Keeping this goal in the back of my mind when I plan shoots makes all the difference in the quality. Snapshots vs photography, perhaps even verging into the fine art category.

“Tell a story” – what do you guys think? Does this produce regular photography, or can it fall in the category of fine art photography? Or does that depend on your skill to pull all the elements in an image together? Both?

When I finish editing some of my pictures, I’ll post a few here – been slacking on that aspect. In the meantime, here’s today’s featured artist:

Sarah Schloo – a very talented photographer.

And some ideas for this week, theme: Imitation, as in “Imitation is a form of flattery”
1. Pick a scene from your favorite show and attempt to duplicate it. Tip: Pay attention to the lighting!
2. Along the same vein, pick a scene from old black and white films. Again, pay attention to the lighting.
3. Hit the library or a bookstore and flip through old oil paintings, pick one and modernize it or copy it. The Girl with a Pearl Earring is a popular choice.


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