A Lone Crow and a Dog

Animals are one of my weak photography points (landscapes being the other), and IMO, it’s a good idea to try and improve weaknesses so that I’m at least passable. Never know – a paying opportunity to photograph animals could arise!

Crows often perch on the very tippy top of a juniper tree about, I’d guess, 200 yards away from my apartment. I thought it’d make a neat image: a lone crow on a gray desolate day. On this particular day, it was quite gloomy and windy, and my shutter speed was 1/40th of sec. There’s a bit of a motion blur from the wind as a result.

Crow on treetop
Crow on treetop - by Zombie Photography

This is my old man. He almost always looks so stoic and disapproving in photos; definitely not the stereotypical happy smiling golden. He usually hides his face when I point the flash in his direction, but I managed to get a few shots of him with his eyes open. Bribery helps! Hot dogs yum!

Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever by Zombie Photography

The rear white wall came out light gray due to insufficient lighting – I only used one light here – so I brightened it up a bit in post processing.

If anyone photographed their pet or animals this week, I’d love to see them!