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Regarding this blog.
Short version: Change web address? Please vote in the poll at bottom.

When I first set this blog up, I originally planned on it being a photo-blog displaying my works. But a few weeks later, I decided I wanted to help people (and pad my resume a bit as well). So I started over, redid the blog layout and started writing posts that are helpful to beginner and intermediate photographers.

I’m enjoying this new venture and can see it going long term. However, I believe the blog’s web address, coffeezombiephotography, and title, “zombie photography” isn’t the best fit for this site. The tag line, “a blog for the intrepid photographer” is much more apt.

If I go ahead with a change, I’d rather do it while this blog’s still “young” and doesn’t have many followers.

So…What do you think the title/url should be? Let me know by voting or in comments. Thanks!


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