Getting Creative!

Let’s circle back to the “pick a story to show without explaining the image.”

A lot of people will snap random images without really putting any thought into it. That’s the upside of shooting digitally – it’s so easy to just shoot away and hope you hit gold in one of the images. That’s what I did in my early days, I think we’re all guilty of that. But how effective is that technique? Is it really a good use of your time and skills? Isn’t it better and in the long run, faster, to take a moment, step back and think about what message you’re trying to communicate?

by Zombie Photography

This is an example image from my early days. (I apologize for the awkward formatting here – WP is not cooperating with me).

The early images are not spectacular. They’re random. Boring. No message, no story…

Somewhere along the way, I realized that this approach wasn’t working, and while I still have days when I produce subpar images, they’re still a big improvement over my early days.

So I decided to switch gears, put more effort in my images.

Better, yes?

Today’s featured photographer is Aaron Nace, aka aknacer on Flickr.

A couple ideas for this week:

  1. use a prop in an unexpected way. The model’s dress in the above image is several garbage bags.
  2. Rewrite a story and add a new twist (ie, retell a fairy tale)
  3. Add a macabre element to an otherwise ordinary image.


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