To watermark or not?

4 thoughts on “To watermark or not?

  1. My sister encouraged me to watermark my photos shortly after I started blogging. I feel better with it on there, though I do have a tendancy to make it small and unintrusive, which is something I need to work on. I’m more inclined to worry if the photo in question is something i’m particularly proud of and don’t want stolen. But on the other and I don’t want my photos to be so dramatically altered by a watermark that it changes the composition of the photo either.

    1. Yeah, your reason is why I initially hesitated on whether to put a copyright logo on mine. I debated for awhile, and when I thought about the last copyright violation, and how pissed off I was, that helped me make the decision.

      I might change my mind later on, but for now, it works. And people can, if they like, see the flickr version without the logo – I usually post copies of the images there sans logo.

  2. I hate watermarking, but for my last set of pictures I did not get paid for my time at the event. Selling the images is the only way I will get any money back, I’m gutted to see people copying the watermarked images to Facebook already. Most people don’t realise it’s not just a click of a button, you wouldn’t steal a page from a book, you shouldn’t do it for an image.

  3. Thanks for subscribing to my blog. Your blog is very interesting! I’ve debated back and forth between watermarking and not. I used to do it but have seen how easy it is for someone to remove it anyway. Anything I post on my blog is kept small, usually 450 pixels on the long end and I don’t save it at max resolution either. I try to keep it 150 kb or smaller.

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