Getting Creative

Tell a story.

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll recognize this message. I say it over and over. It’s so crucially important in elevating your photography skills from “snapshot” to…I can’t think of a good adjective. Better? Kick ass, for sure.

I want to clarify though. It doesn’t need to be an elaborate story. Nor do you need tons of props or fancy photoshop skills. You don’t need a long, thought out plan. It can be simple. A mood. A feeling.

Today’s featured artist is Lindsey Adler. Take a look at her portfolio; she has some interesting stuff!

Your challenge for this week: Pick a mood
Some tips:

  • If you want to use a dark background
    • A dark or black backdrop (you can use an ordinary sheet!), a little space in between your model and the backdrop (about 4ft is good) and an aperture of f4-f8 – will blur the backdrop enough wrinkles aren’t too apparent.
  • Light or color background:
    • Same as above: white or color sheet or wall, some space and aperture f4-f8.
  • Utilize off-camera flash to set the mood
  • Clean the scene. To display a mood or a simple theme, avoid anything in your image that could be a distraction. Ask yourself this: does this item add value to the message? Does it help tell your story? If it doesn’t, relocate it temporarily.

Shoot it!