Getting Creative

“Think of a creative idea!” Whenever someone tells me to think creatively, that usually has only one result: a writer/artist block. It feels like I’m on a ledge, staring at a chasm from which I can escape only if I can think of something creative or unusual.

Egad, it’s torture. Isn’t it?

It is!

Being creative doesn’t come easily and effortlessly to everyone. I envy the lucky few.

My surefire trick to get through this block is to brainstorm with a pen in my hand. Well, surefire for me. Everyone’s different. I start by jotting down what items I do have available or can acquire easily, jot down a few concepts are are easily associated with the said items (ie: white sheet = ghost) and let my imagination wander. Sometimes I’m surprised by what I come up with.

Here’s an example from a self portrait shoot I did last summer…I had just recently acquired six yards of tulle fabric for about $4 and wanted to use it.

by Zombie Photography

It goes on a couple pages where I expanded on the ideas I didn’t reject. If I remember right, I ended up using two ideas from that brainstorm session, one of which is pictured below, and looking at this particular batch of notes just now, I’m intrigued by a couple other ideas I didn’t do back then!

Here’s one, which is one of my favorites…

by Zombie Photography

Today’s featured artist:
Gillian, aka GillyFace on Flickr and Tumblr, is a great, creative photographer/artist. I’ve been following her for some time, and she is a fabulous source of ideas, tips and suggestions. She posts a lot of her behind-the-scene shots that are enlightening; they give you an idea of how she accomplishes these pictures – often simple techniques.

Your challenge for this week:

  1. Come up with 5 “creative” ideas – anything that’s a step beyond a standard portrait
  2. Pick one and shoot it.

Simple, right? Your turn to get on the ledge.


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