Friday Pictures – Going back to my roots

by Zombie Photography
by Zombie Photography
by Zombie Photography

Awhile back, my dad gave me his old Canon AE-1, and I also scored an old Yashica that uses 120 films. I decided it’d be a good refresher to photograph without relying on the digital viewscreen on my dslr. To make every photo really count.

It took me about two weeks to go through one roll because I was being pretty choosy about what I did photograph. I’m not big on flowers, birds and the bees. Self portraits are hard to do on a manual camera. So, naturally, my dog was my favorite subject.

I developed the roll at home, and was very nervous about it. It’d been about 15 years since I last developed film in a lab, and back then, I did not have to mix my own chemicals. So that aspect was new to me.

As nerve wracking as it was, the film turned out decently!

While I could get a 35mm scanner relatively inexpensively, it’s harder to find a scanner that can do 120 film, so I decided to explore a few DIY methods to “scan” the negatives.

So far, this one isn’t toooooo bad, but there are downsides.

I taped the negative up on my patio window, photographed each frame, then uploaded, cropped and inverted in photoshop. This looked okay-ish, but there’s some watermarks – the black bits and blotches – because it was raining pretty hard while I was doing this. And there was a little color from the trees outside, which resulted in an uneven coloring in the photographed negatives.

Will try bouncing light off a white board next.



    • I did like the effect and wouldn’t mind for an occasional image; however, I prefer to develop a method that produces consistent digital versions. Know what I mean?

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