Finding Inspiration

I admire nature photographers.

It’s a tough arena to enter. Not only is it highly competitive, it requires discipline (often a four-letter word in the current generation) and patience. You have to get up ridiculously early to get The Shot. Many wildlife are the most active at dawn.

It can take hours of waiting and patience to get The Shot. Animals don’t cooperate on your schedule.

Today’s featured photographer is Scott Bourne, a prolific nature photographer. How awesome is this shot? He runs PhotoFocus, a popular photography blog that has a buttload of great tips for both newbies and pros in not only nature photography but also other genres. Here’s a good article about how to photograph wildlife for those of you interested in getting started (and there’s more on PhotoFocus).

Scott Bourne is a generous person who has made a good living doing this and freely gives away advice and tips in an industry in which many don’t share their knowledge until you’ve “paid your due.”

Eagle Slides Home - by Scott Bourne

You don’t need to embark into the Alaskan wilds to get great nature photographs. Start closer to home. Your backyard likely harbors an abundance of birds and squirrels. Hit the local zoo. Or take a 30 minute drive out of the ‘burbs to the closest nature park.

I took these images years ago at the DC zoo.

by Zombie Photography
by Zombie Photography


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