Featured Photographer: Andrew McGibbon

Andrew McGibbon is a versatile photographer. I just recently discovered this guy, and I can’t stop looking at his collection of works. Check him out.

Holy cow. Look at this pretty horse! He has a gorgeous horse series; beautifully lit.  If animal photography is your thing, take a look. He also has a few animals in his portfolio – a duck, dogs, and a chicken (and some behind the scenes of them on his blog).

Andrew McGibbon

And he shoots people. His creativity in his shoots is just astounding. A few look like they could be accomplished at home. A number of them are “looks like it’d be hard, but is really easy” setups.

Like the below shot…

And this too:

The color powders might be hard to find, depending on where you live. A craft store might have some. Or an Indian market (for the Holi festival). Alternatively, you could try sifted wood ash or flour. Sifting will help “fluff” the powder up and they’ll go poof! more easily.

The light setup in above two are pretty simple – The main, primary light is on camera right, at about 4 o’clock (with the model at center of the clock’s dial). The second flash, lower powered and probably smaller, is set up on the left, at about 7 o’clock, to help minimize the shadow from the nose.

If you don’t have a second light source, you probably could get away with using a white posterboard to reflect some light.

Both are shot in front of a black backdrop, but I don’t see why you couldn’t use white or some other backdrop or wall color.


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