Getting Creative – Rodney Smith

Not only can photography be used to document our lives in various shapes and forms, it can also be a creative outlet. Today’s featured photographer is Rodney Smith. His body of works is pretty quirky, and they remind me a bit of René Magritte and Grant Wood with a hint of M C Escher.


Rodney Smith is a hardcore film photographer, and he shot the below (and everything else) in film. It’s actually pretty easy to do so in film, and new dSLRs now have the ability to shoot multiple exposures in one frame (check your manual, it should be indexed under “multiple exposures”). If you don’t have a new dSLR, you can still do a similar concept in Photoshop pretty easily.

And here’s my modernism self portrait, reinterpreted, shamelessly stolen from the classic Rene Magritte’s The Son of Man.

by Zombie Photography

Compare it to the original and let me know how I did.



  1. Ooo These are great! I agree with you on the M.C. Escher…like there’s a secret in each photo you have to find.
    And I love yours! Nice job! How’d you get the apple to hover? the only thing I might suggest is getting your shadow out of the photo, in Magritte’s painting there is open space behind him, evoking a feeling of solitary or alone-ness?
    Oh, and you need a bowler hat. 😉

    • Yea, I debated on the shadow. Ultimately, I decided because I threw in the wallpaper and felt it was more realistic to keep the shadow. OTOH, it is art…can break the rules. 🙂

      About the the apple – peach, actually: I tried a few different things, one of which was tossing the peach into midair, and I couldn’t get it in focus perfectly. I ended up cheating and hung the peach the ceiling fan with a string, shot that with me standing behind it, and cloned the string out.

  2. Wow: you should be making money doing photography. This post is absolutely amazing. I love photography. Thinking of taking a few classes. It has become my new hobby along with blogging. Blogging and Photography – well they go together. Right?

  3. Ever thought about copying this blog to Blogger on Google and then adding in “adsense” to make money from your posts? You might want to try it.

    • I used to be on Blogger and liked it better because it allows a lot more features and perks than WP – adsense, customizability, etc.

      I only switched because a lot of jobs want writers with WP experience, and I wanted to be able to stick that on my resume.

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