Inspiration: Dave Hill

Dave Hill is a terrific photographer and we all can learn from his works.

For starters, they are extremely creative and engaging. It’s easy to figure out the story he’s telling in his images. Every detail in his photos are thought out and planned to the last pixel.

Check out the adventurer girl series – the treasure hunter in particular.
See the bones, the helmet, skull, and that starfish? Planned. Staged.

Many, but not all, of his images are composites – he pieces together several images to make one final image. That doesn’t mean you can’t achieve similar results without relying on photoshop; it just means you need to plan and coordinate more carefully.

As you can see from this behind the scene video (he has lots of other BtS videos!), the treasure hunter pic above was shot on a beautiful day, and he changed the lighting and weather in the postprocessing stage.

Now, the one element I’m not crazy about is the heavy postprocessing in some images. While most images have almost a 1940s movie poster feel to them, which I like, he pushed the postprocessing a little too far in a few and they have a cartoony feel to them. But that’s not necessarily bad. It’s just not my cup of tea. That said, it’s very well done and is a far cry from many amateurish efforts out there.

What do you think? Like his stuff? Dislike?



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