Make a Weakness Your Strength

You know that old job interview question? “What’s your weakness and how did you overcome it?”

As anything else in life, photography take practice to hone your skills. It doesn’t come naturally to everyone. No, it’s not about having the right gear (though it doesn’t hurt). Oh no. Not only do you need to develop an eye for it, you also need to understand composition, light and how your camera works. You know. Photography 101.

The good news is if you master the fundamentals, it’s a little easier to tackle a different area of photography that you might be weaker in. The learning curve isn’t as steep.

by Zombie Photography

I for example enjoy editorial/creative portraits, but ever since moving here to Bumfuck, WA, where there’s countless opportunities to photograph gorgeous landscape and wildlife, I can’t ignore this chance to improve my landscape and wildlife photography.

It takes work, to be sure. I go exploring almost daily and take my camera with me. The one time I didn’t take my camera, a bald eagle decided to visit the beach and was just hanging out on a piece of driftwood not 20 yards away from me. I ran back home huffing and wheezing (I’m asthmatic) and then ran back to where it was, and…sadly it was gone. Lesson learned!

I take plenty of bad landscape pictures. They’re boring, or poorly composed, or … But I’m trying! My goal is to improve landscape photography to the point where I can incorporate it with my editorial/creative photographs.

So far, this is my favorite…

by Zombie Photography

So, let’s hear it. What’s your weakness? How do you plan to overcome it?



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