Six Creative Photographers for Inspiration

There are many awesome, extremely talented photographers out there, and I had a hard time picking just one today, so I picked six!

I chose these photographers because they demonstrate creative portrait images that utilize little or no photoshopping. They should serve as an inspiration for those of you who might want to flex your creative muscle, but don’t have Photoshop/Gimp/whatever or aren’t sure how to get started.

Brad Wagner (I think he didn’t need the fake blood here, the scarf is quite dramatic on its own)

White Winter Hymnal

Polen Erciyas (little postprocess here, but it’s likely just a simple mask job. Nice mood)
The Night Mare

Alex Stoddard

 Melancholy Ellie (smoke bombs yea!)

Marie Sol (simple but gorgeous! Utilizing unexpected camera angle)

Maryann Gobble (I like the story she’s telling here)
Rise Up



  1. I agree with your comment about the red scarf… it adds drama and forced perspective to the image.

  2. I agree with the comment about the red scarf, too! Great selection of images and photographers. I really like the yarn ball photo…..very interesting and creative.

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