Today’s Featured Photographer: Greg Basco

(Sorry about the delay! WP and Adblock were not cooperating, and I couldn’t draft a blog entry until just now).

Take a gander at Greg Basco‘s works. He, like many other advanced photographers I try to highlight here at the blog for the Intrepid Photographers, shares his tips and behind the scene (BTS) shots. Many of his tips and other useful info can translate to other areas of wildlife photography.

Not everyone is so fortunate to live in a rainforest, but most people do have access to local wildlife, even if they live in the city. Hit a nearby green park, go to the local zoo, or splurge on a few gallons of gas and go find a nearby state or federal park.

The lighting might be an issue when you’re first starting out. There are ways and means to dealing with limited light resources, some of which include using white poster paper or fabric as a reflector for natural light (read: the sun) and translucent material to diffuse your flash if you do have flashes.

If you don’t: hit your local camera store and buy a couple used $25-or-less flashes and see if they’ll work with your basement-bargain radio transmitter/receiver. If they do, as long as you don’t put them on your camera’s on-camera hotshoe, they’ll work fine for your purposes (If you do put them on your camera’s hotshoe, bad things can happen (TM)).

I enjoy telling people I still use my 30-year-old Canon flash. And it does work nicely, although its power level is somewhat diminished compared with my newer flash, which suits me just fine – sometimes I don’t want that much light.

Anyway…Even if you’re not a wildlife photographer, check Greg out. He has amazing stuff.



  1. Impressive stuff. I aspire to this style of composition in my insect work. Both shots have a clarity that is as close to perfection as one could get. The creamy bokeh in the top one is an added delight.

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