Inspiration: Joel Robison

What, another creative/conceptual photographer?

What can I say? I like them, they’re fun to look at. While Joel Robison has a lot of graphic/photoshopped elements in his images, many don’t necessarily require it. It would be quite easy for anybody to achieve a similar conceptual image with a little elbow grease and ingenuity.

For example:

This is just a basic jumping shot. You can do this with a timer or a wireless shutter remote. The kites are likely ‘shopped in, but I don’t see why you couldn’t achieve a similar look with real kites or balloons or…
A Getaway Plan

This is a nice one as well. All you need is a ceiling to tape the strings to.
The Conversation Room

Ditto here. Figure out a way to hold the cards aloft in foreground using stands and small clips, get everything positioned, and shoot. If you’re concerned about the pyramids collapsing, you could always glue them in place too.
Higher and Higher

I also like this one. Right time of the day and a good location. Simple yet compelling.
Finding Balance