Inspiration: Turner & Moss

Recently I read a blog entry written by Roni Loren in which she shares her experience on how she got sued by a photographer because she used one of his photos on her blog without permission. It’s an interesting read, and as a photographer, I can understand why the photographer sued. All photographs, whether you stick a copyright symbol on them or not, are copyrighted, and using the photos without permission, even with attribution, is a violation of the copyright laws.

I encourage you all to read it and consider that when you post someone else’s pictures without explicit permission, even with attribution, you are potentially opening a can of legal worms. Also, food for thought: if you are a Pinterest user, be aware that you may also be sued for repinning someone’s photo. Pinterest’s TOU (terms of use) places all liability risks on its users’ shoulders, which is scary when you think about it – all it takes is one major class-action suit, and every single frickin’ Pinterest user could be named in the suit. Remember the RIAA lawsuits and Napster?

Anyway, with all this in mind, I’m going to be going through all the Mondays posts and double-checking that the images displayed here are definitely permitted (I’m paranoid now!); and I encourage you to do the same if you use other people’s pictures on your blog.

And without further ado, here’s a new photographer duo I just recently came across. Turner and Moss are mainly wedding photographers and if you’re interested in that industry, do check them out. Their landscapes are gorgeous.

Turner & Moss
Formby point.
Turner & Moss
Grasmere and Dale End
Turner & Moss