Inspiration: Murray Hill

I’m a bad blogger sometimes. Even though I enjoy writing, oftentimes I can’t think of anything interesting to say other than “look at the pretty pictures!”


Quick bio: Murray Hill is an up and coming photographer residing in England. His skill with landscape photography is rapidly improving, and he has quite a few gems on his flickr stream. It doesn’t hurt that he resides in a region with gorgeous scenery.


I love the unexpected pop of color.
Misty Churchyard, Langcliffe
You don’t see this kind of demarcation in the States. It’s interesting.Frosty Fields
This is a great example of a long exposure photography. I’m not positive whether this was taken at day or night, but I’m inclined to think it’s a daytime shot. Dreamy.
My favorite tree



  1. After I read your comment I was thinking about it. You’re a way better photographer than I am! So I’m definitely not a better artist… 🙂

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