Oh My Stars and Garters

A few months ago I moved to a podunk little town. The reasons for moving here are complex and many. People here are pretty curious about why a person would deliberately choose to move here; most youngsters, as soon as they can, move away.

(Translation: the town’s demographic consists of mostly older folks).

I don’t like to go in a lot of details on why I moved here. I mean, they’re strangers, they don’t need to know my business.

I’ve started giving this answer because I think it makes me sound mysterious or perhaps eccentric: “For the stars.”

Zombie Photography

Not long after moving here, my dog and I were restless one night and I took him on a long walk by the beach. We discovered that this region has incredibly clear night skies due to low light pollution – and that it’s freakin’ dark on the beach even with a flashlight. Unfortunately, after that midnight walk, this area was plagued by weeks of solid gray clouds alternated with persistent marine fog that rolled in at nights. It wasn’t until a few days ago that clouds disappeared.

F2.8, ISO 6400 and 25 seconds exposure time.

It’s a tad too long – there’s a hint of star trails. Next time we have a clear night, I’ll experiment with a shorter exposure time and higher ISO. And try find a location with a more interesting foreground subject.