Post Mortem: Jen AKA Coffee Zombie

It’s only fair that if I critique others’ pictures, I should let others critique my pictures. So. I invite you to participate in today’s post mortem of one of my recent images.

It’s a good skill to have: by developing a critical eye for others’ works, it helps develop your eye for your own work. It’ll help you recognize problems and you’ll be able to make your adjustments and tweaks on the fly while shooting, instead of trying to fix an issue after you’ve gotten back home and sat down at a computer.

There’s a couple things about this image that bug me. I’ll hold off on explaining until you (hopefully a few of you) have taken a stab at figuratively red-inking the picture.

Coffee Zombie

So…Let me know what you think. What are the problems? What’s good? Fire away!



  1. I like it! It’s very gray, as Darlene said, not much at either end of the spectrum. But composition is good.

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