Inspiration: Liat

Hey guys!

I hope everyone in the States had an awesome weekend (for the rest of the world: US had a holiday yesterday). I know I did. Two glorious days of solid, blazing sunshine and blue skies. Much of this summer has been unusually gray and dreary; it was a welcome reprieve. This week’s posting schedule is a little wonky as a result of the holiday, but do check back in later – I plan on writing a photoshop tutorial.

On to the regular programming. Today’s featured photographer-nee-artist is Liat (no last name given) residing in Toronto, Canada. She doesn’t have many pictures on her flickr stream yet, but I think her recent images are quite good and interesting. I look forward to seeing more from her in the coming months!
Amazing what you can do with a lot of powder, isn’t it? I love this.

I am fairly sure that this is a composite of at least three images; it’s nicely done. I see a couple minor issues with her photoshop (the “halo”), but I love this concept.


What do you think?



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