Inspiration: Andrea Massari

Last week I had a tutorial written up, but due to a technical glitch, it didn’t get posted and I didn’t notice until today. Argh! So…it’ll go up later this week. And I’ll doublecheck and make sure it’s up!

Today’s featured photographer is a fashion and portrait photographer, Andrea Massari, based in Italy. While he’s been in the industry since 1999, he didn’t take up photography until 2003. I must say his body of work is impressive. He photographs in both color and b&w, but I’m mostly drawn to his b&w ones.

For example…

Many of his portraits, especially the closeups, have the top of their heads chopped off. That’s usually a no-no in photography because it provides the illusion that the model’s head is excessively high. 

However, by breaking this rule so often, it has become a signature style for him.

What do you think? Does it work? Do you like these?