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Little confession. I haven’t shot portraits in awhile, and I feel a bit guilty about it. Over the summer, I wanted to take advantage of living by the beach while I had the chance and focused on photographing wildlife and landscape. I snagged a few gems in the process, and I’m quite pleased with them.

But still, my first love is creative or conceptual photography; that’s a genre I really enjoy even though I sometimes struggle to come up with ideas.

Zombie Photography

With fall swiftly approaching, the air feels chillier even though the thermostat says the temperature is still roughly the same (it’s been in low 60s for most of this summer). The leaves here are starting to turn. I even tasked myself with pruning my landlord’s garden last weekend because it bugs me to see dead flowers.

Zombie Photography

This time of year is when I traditionally set up my rickety little studio and start taking self portraits for practice. And so I shall. Soon. I need to rearrange my living quarters to find room – my little cottage is tiny and space is a precious commodity here.

I don’t know if I’ll restart a 365 project just yet; that was a stressful period of time, and I often struggled to come up with ideas that met my high standards on a daily basis. But perhaps once a week. We’ll see.

Do ya’all have any photography-related plans for the next few months?


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