Galloping Horse

For the past week or so, it’s been humid enough that a haze stubbornly lingered in the area despite the valiant efforts of the incessant sea breeze. Not quite thick enough to be called fog, nor could it be named mist. By day, it created a weird sensation that any minute, a genuine fog would roll in from the sea. At night, the haze would thicken just a bit more, enough to impede your vision. Murky shadows and blurs dart to and fro, steered by the wind.

I cannot decide which postprocess look I prefer. Help a gal out!

Original – right out of the box.

Zombie Photography

Cream and brighter

Zombie Photography

Color tweak to counter the cool hues in the original and some texture

Zombie Photography

B&W with a hint of sepia

Zombie Photography

What do you think?



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