Featured Photographer: Adolf de Meyer

Did you know Adolf used to be a really popular, common name? Then one day, a bad guy with that name came along and wreaked havoc, which is, I think, a gross understatement. And the name very quickly fell out of favor.

Adolf de Meyer (1868-1949) has had a long, acclaimed career. He was one of the first Vogue photographers, he worked at Vanity Fair and then Harper’s Bazaar. Very few examples of his work survive today because they were destroyed in WWII.

You know, some people think they can’t get quality results because they don’t have studio equipment. Consider this: Adolf, back in the early 1900s, definitely did not have these studio equipment. He was likely restricted to using flash powder or static light like lamps, which were probably either mercury vapor lamps or gas – incandescent bulbs were not common back then.

Where’s there’s will, there’s a way.

Adolf de Meyer - Dolores (1919)
Adolf de Meyer – Dolores (1919)
Adolf de Meyer
Adolf de Meyer
Adolf de Meyer
Adolf de Meyer

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