A rare sunny day

Once the tourist season ended, very few visit the beach. Once in awhile, I’ll spot an odd fisherman who decided to try his luck fishing from the shore. But most days, it’s just my dog and me. It’s often miserable, rainy and windy, but I’d go bat-shit crazy if I let the rain keep me indoor from October ’til May, and my dog and I go walking there at least once a day. The novelty of living so close to the beach hasn’t worn off yet, I suppose, and I know my dog certainly enjoys being able to walk off-leash. Last week we had a break in the rain for a few hours, and I thought there’d be a “crowd” (crowd meaning more than 2 people, not counting myself) on the beach. Much to my surprise….

Beach on a sunny day
Zombie Photography

Well, their loss! Our gain. We got the whole wide beach to ourselves for a couple hours before the rain offshore rolled in.

This image bugs me because there’s an illusion that it’s not quite horizontal. The fluffy clouds on the right are the type that typically floats roughly parallel to the ground and is usually a good alternative guide if your horizon is not even or hard to discern (eg mountains, hills, trees…or in this case, a gently sloping beach), but because of updrafts and differing air pressure, they’re all wonky.


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  1. I’m up in the San Juans, and man, I love it when tourist season ends. Actually, all the locals do: during the summer, we keep our heads down and avoid the usual tourist spots; by fall we’re all out and about and perky! Just nice to have the place to ourselves again.

    I’m one of those who’s not too sussed by a wonky horizon line, and considering this photo changes textures & colors from left to right, I wouldn’t have noticed.

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