Featured Photographer: Alessandro Guerani

Yum yum, I’m absolutely salivating. That’s how I gauge how good food photographer is – whether the images makes me want to go get a snack. It’s a difficult field to dive into successfully, and Alessandro Guerani, if my opinion is worth anything, should be a shining star.

Alessandro Guerani is based in Bologna, Italy, and specializes in still life and food photography. He’s been in this industry for a little over twenty years, and it shows. If you’re curious about the BTS, his flickr stream has a few diagrams of his setups.

Cake with slice cut out
Alessandro Guerani
cookie cutter and dough
Alessandro Guerani
Wine glass, wine, corkscrew
Alessandro Guerani
Parmesan cheese
Alessandro Guerani
bottles of vinegar and strawberry
Alessandro Guerani

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