Featured Photographer: Ben Zank

Hey gang!

I’ve planned to feature this photographer for a few weeks now, but unfortunately I had to skip last week’s featured photog because I was too busy. Ah, life!

A few months ago, I wrote an article about the pros and cons of doing a 365 project, and its challenges. It’s difficult for some to maintain your momentum, find different subjects or themes, and do it well on a steady, regular basis. The biggest advantage in doing a 365 project, though, is it helps improve your photography skills dramatically.

Ben Zank, a photog based in NYC, took on this challenge and is chewing it up like no another. I’ve been impressed with the variety in his self portraits, and if you compare his early shots to the current ones, there’s a marked difference. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy his early images! As of today, he’s on the brink of hitting a milestone – 200 images. Dude! Puts my 365 attempt to shame (I lasted about 4 months).

Without further ado, here’s a sampling of Ben’s 365 photo project

Snow storm silhouette
Ben Zank

I love the snowstorm silhouette. Ben nailed this. Great colors, great silhouette, great interest. It’s a solid picture.

people in tree
Ben Zank

I didn’t even notice the third person until today. I don’t usually like extreme blowouts, but I think this is an excellent example of when it’s okay. It adds to the image, as opposed to being a distraction. I like how this seems to tell a story.

man in window water forest
Ben Zank

Love how it really looks like he’s underwater, and the contrast between that and the surrounding. There’s a story here.

man in mud pond with rubber ducky
Ben Zank

Holy crap. I have a phobia about dirt and being dirty and this would give me a heart attack. I can’t imagine getting in that on purpose. Ben gets major props for doing this. And I love the rubber ducky touch. Gives a nice pop of color and quirkiness to an otherwise sober image.



    • Agreed! It’s so easy for someone to go out and take a quick snapshot, and call it good. When I see someone making a real effort to make good, creative images, that’s just aces in my book.

      I mixed up metaphors there, didn’t I? Hrmm.

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