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Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Mine was relatively quiet. Translation: blissfully peaceful. No stress, no screaming, no fighting, no walking on eggshells in case you piss off a temperamental family member. And to top it off, my dinner was delicious.

A few weeks ago I wrote that the battery for my transmitter for the wireless flash setup had died. I put the transmitter aside and ordered the replacement battery. And now I can’t find the damn transmitter! It’s a sign that I need to clean this place a bit more. I’m pretty sure it’s somewhere in here…*waves hands helplessly* but where?

I’m afraid I tossed it in the trash by mistake – I put a bunch of stuff in the trash recently. Hrmm.

Sanity, I’ve lost it, I’m afraid.

On the upside, I just scored a new, hot-off-the-presses laptop. It’s not a top of line computer, but compared to my seven-going-on-eight years old desktop, it’s lightning fast, and as soon as I figure out how to transfer my antique photoshop over, I’ll be sitting pretty. No more photoshop crashing due to lack of memory. No more sluggish brushes. No more “you want me to do what? Ha ha ha, good luck!” responses.

orange nail polish blue eyes
Zombie Photography

At the time when I edited this photo, I loved this processing. Now? I hate it. I may go back and redo it.



  1. I quite like it. Isn’t it funny how we can go through phases of liking a sort of style and then can’t stand the sight of it anymore? It’s a bit like having a craving for one sort of food and eating it until it makes you feel sick even to think of it.

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