woman slumped over bathtub
Zombie Photography

This is one of my all-time favorite self portraits. I think I’ve posted this one before, but I love it, and it’s my blog. So there! I haven’t named this image because people interpret the “story” in this image differently, and I didn’t want to influence their ideas.


You can too achieve thought-provoking images at home using a little ingenuity and common household objects (don’t I sound like an infomercial now?). If I recall right, I used a length of tulle fabric – the same stuff that you use to make tutus – that had been soaked in water to achieve the wonderful draping effect. If I ever find that damned transmitter for the flash, I might do a series this winter.



  1. That image is so subtle and soft, really beautiful. (Alas, I’m too literal-minded to figure out what it might mean!)

    Making it up as we go along sometimes gets the most interesting results.

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