Beach. Again.

Are you tired of these beach shots? It’s a goal of mine to work on improving my landscape photography, and the beach is a hop, skip and a jump away from my wee rental cottage. Easy-to-get-to subject. And I haven’t taken new self-portraits in awhile.

This was taken in between rounds of storms. Even during this lull, the wind was crazy strong; little pieces of foam was being flung about along with sand.

beach foam clouds
Zombie Photography

What do you think? Too much negative space, or is it balanced? Horizon is nearly smack in middle, which is generally a no-no, but I thought between the “mountain” and the interesting clouds, the faux pas could be forgiven. I couldn’t figure out a good place to crop without hurting the scenery.

Postprocess was fairly minimal, with slight tweaks to correct color balance (it was hard – light was weird at that moment, ended up using the foam in LR area to help) and minor curve adjustment for a little contrast.



  1. The horizon line doesn’t bother me; I agree with you that there is enough other visual interest, and an any case: rules/shmules. As for negative space — I love negative space, so you’ll get no argument from me there. What I find distracting, though, is that black dot (hangglider? bird?) at top; and I think the gull on the right is lost in the image.

    • Bird, yep. And your thought re the seagull in LR is good. Now I’m pondering whether these two should be cloned out. I typically don’t like to clone things out, but they don’t add to the image. Hmrm

  2. I would probably have gone for a crop, but having said that, I often go to crop mine and then restore the original image. And rather than cloning out the birds, a crop would eliminate them anyway.

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