From the Archives: Cloud Nine

cloud tulle woman headshot white
Zombie Photography

I was lazy yesterday and didn’t take pictures despite my intention to. So here’s a self portrait from my archives again. This was shot with my Sigma lens, which has a wonky AF system, so it isn’t quite in focus – lips was supposed to be, but isn’t. I took this, I’d guess, three years ago, and I’ve no idea what my light setups and post-processing were.



  1. I for one like it, I like the softness of it. I’m trying to visualize it with your lips in sharp(er) focus, and I don’t think I’d like it as much. I would imagine that unless you had someone else operating the camera, trying to get the focus just right would be pretty darn tough.

    But considering I’ve only aimed my camera at myself once, (see goofy profile/bio pic on my blog, or website, or anywhere else I have an online presence), and I generally avoid photographing people in any way, shape, or form, my opinion on such matters is likely not worth the paper it’s printed on 😉

    • It usually takes me a few tries to nail the focus – usually I know where I’ll be positioned, will set the selective focus in that spot, and use a remote.

      If I remember right, for that particular picture, it was a bit tricky to get into position and I was lazy and didn’t want to get up and down ad nauseum just to crimp. So I took a few shots, and picked the best one of the bunch.

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