Faking it: BTS post-processing video

Hey folks!

I took an extended break, and I’m not quite ready to return to blogging steadily – give it a week or so. However: today, I was checking out petapixel.com and saw a video there, and I thought, “I gotta share this!” It’s a good look at how photoshopped and airbrushed the images of famous people you see in glamour magazines are, and I hope, will give people with body image issues some insight on what the reality is versus what they see on those glossy pages.



  1. Makes me feel a lot better about myself. 🙂 Also, she’s amazing even without all this processing, not even the make-up. Very inspirational!

    • Yes! She seems like a great, down-to-earth person and very confident and comfortable in her own skin. More people – not just women, men have image issues too – should aspire toward that confidence.

  2. My jawed dropped when she said “That’s just unattainable” — I made a similar remark to my husband a while ago, in general about modern standards of beauty. I hope more women are starting to see it this way.

    (By the way, my husband thinks Stalin would have looooved Photoshop.)

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