January Beach

Hope you guys aren’t tired of beach shots! This past week, we had amazing, gloriously beautiful weather. Blue skies, just a hint of fog that perpetually lingers in the trees (it never ever goes 100% away around here). My dog and I are in the habit of going for long walks at lunchtime when it’s warmest, and I typically will take my camera along even though the light is too strong at that time of the day. I take it on the vain hope that I’ll run into wildlife — always seem to when I don’t have the camera with me!

Most of the time if I photograph the beach at this time of day, the water is “blown” – overexposed – from the strong light, and it’s too distracting to keep. On a whim, I decided to expose for that water reflection, and let the overall scene be dark. When I snapped this, I anticipated the shots to come out as utterly black, save for a trailing streak of water and figured it could be an interesting minimalism image. But much to my surprise, it came out better than I expected.

Postprocess was very minimal – just a slight tweak to contrast.

Zombie Photography

What do you think? Yea, nay?



  1. whenever i am at a beach, i think, ‘yay’, so this image is definitely a ‘yeah’ from me, too. quite like this composition and the drama conveyed here by the light shining through the darkness. this image definitely landed on a happy note.
    i find beaches a challenging (and enjoyable!) capture, too, especially midday when the sun is shining. this seems to be a good setting.
    i wonder if a polarizer would be something to try out here as well? or maybe you have already used it.
    let me also hasten to add, i am no pro and only learned about polarizers from a fellow blogger a few months ago. i quite like it!

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