OT: Who should I be following?

I’ve been slacking on finding new people & blogs to follow.

I like photography, animal, design/decor and humor. But am open to anything, really, if the writing is good and interesting. Who do you recommend?



  1. I’ve got a couple of pages listing the blogs I visit with a one liner about each of them. Some of the ones on the first page currently aren’t blogging but I’ve left them on in case they re-appear. On the second page, I categorised them (hopefully fairly accurately). I probably need to do a third page now as I keep the lists fairly short, nothing more off-putting than wading through a long list.

    In answer to your specifics, photography – vicpics, pix&kardz, (both on first page), ciapannophoto (second page).

    Animals: vic and pix again, colderweather, now called purrsonal mewsings, A couple of others I’m visiting but haven’t listed them yet, phil lanou and Andrew (you can check those out via the comments), both are photography blogs that concentrate on animals and birds.

    Can’t think of any design/decor ones (unless you include some of my posts as my partner is a decorator) and I occasionally post about some of the artwork in our home.

    Humour, I would include Dave Whatt, and Philosopher Mouse (both on my first page) and each with an individual style.

    Good writing? I include three fiction blogs on my second page, although the stories fluctuate in frequency of posting. Good writing is so subjective though isn’t it? A bit like being Freshly Pressed. I tend to go for individual style/personality. If something shines through and makes for an enjoyable blog visit, then I’ll follow.

    Anyway, if nothing else, you have inspired me to start work on another page to my Blogs I visit selection. Here are the current two pages.




      • You’re welcome πŸ™‚

        Should have added a caveat re sunsets and birds! I think virtually most of us include the odd sunset, and some have birds from time to time (I don’t because the wretched things move too quickly) – but Phil’s birds are actually pretty good, although my favourite are his alligator photos. Andrew did some good photos from his recent trip to Antarctica and South Georgia, he did include penguins, but you don’t get too many of those on blogs.

        • Hehe, I don’t mind an occasional shot. Or well done avian wildlife (I like Scott Bourne’s stuff, for example). I’ve found some blogs where there’s *nothing but flowers* and while pretty, just not something I enjoy regularly.

  2. aw bless you for the endorsement, roughseas, & thank you CZ for following my blog. have been at this for almost two years, and i am still stoked when a new bloggers pops by to say hello. much appreciated!
    looks like you have a great thing going on here, too. happy blogging!

    • Haha! at p&k. I never thought that people I had listed would come back and look at the ones I had recommended πŸ˜€ I should have added your photojourneying but I haven’t made up my new blog list so forgot about that – sorry. You can add it yourself!

      • thanks at roughseas. just happened to notice your input here after getting an unexpected follow from cz. photojourneying is still a newbie with only a few posts with a focus on resurrecting some previously posted stories from a now-defunct website as well as new stories as well, each one a journey by photos. if interested, the link is here: http://wp.me/1vh00

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