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Zombie Photography

I think everyone has an evil streak in them. The capacity to kill…if the urge is strong enough. Most people’s ethics and morals tend to dominate that evil streak, but it’s still fun to explore the dark side of one’s self in a safe way. Well, I think it’s fun. This isn’t the only murdering clone shoot I’ve done (see here and here).

Is that weird? Or do I have a serial-murder rampage in my future?

Well, if I haven’t scared you off…clone shots are fairly easy to do. It’s when you want the clones to be touching each others that it gets a little tricky. For your basic clone picture, you’ll need a shot for every clone you’ll have in the final image plus a “blank” – just the background with static objects (chairs, table, wall, etc.). By shooting the background separately, it’s a bit easier to merge all the clones and mask body parts out.

In this particular image, it’s a composite of 3 images: Scheherazade, the would-be killer and the “blank” – the chair & wall. It wasn’t really necessary to shoot a blank because this image is fairly simple, but for one with clones touching or with oodles of clones, it really does help.

For some reason, the background looks a little odd especially along the would-be killer’s left arm (your right), partly due to the PP.

I’ll post another clone shot in which the clones are touching soon.