What’s a girl to do when she lacks furniture?

Gotta get creative!

Zombie Photography
Zombie Photography

Lighting issues aside (I can’t remember what my light setup was, but the dress and the right side definitely need more fill lighting), this isn’t a bad shot. The framing is a little tight and the shading on the chair-clone’s back needs more work.

Here’s how I did the clones:

When you plan to have clones touching, a method that I’ve found to work well is to use dummies so that you can more realistically place body parts. For example, if you want to have one clone’s arm slung around the other clone’s shoulders,  find an object that’s similar shape and size to the torso. A dressmaker’s dummy would be ideal, but they’re tough to find. Get creative. A padded coathanger with a jacket on it and stuffed with a small pillow or a thick sweater to add depth would work in this example; also be sure to place it at the proper height.

Why put a jacket on and pad it? Wouldn’t the hanger work fine by itself? Possibly if you’re a wiz in photoshop. If not, consider that the arm would need the subtle elements like the arm angle, shadows and indentations for it to be convincing.

In the above picture, the chair-clone (I feel odd talking about these clone shots in first person for some reason) got down on all fours, and I marked the height of her back and used that as a guide. I found a chair that was a couple inches shorter and padded the seat with a pillow to add height and shape so that the skirt would drape in a more convincing way. This way the “hovering body” effect is minimized, and when everything’s merged together, the editing is easier to do.

I suck at the drastic edits that involves moving body parts, body proportions, pasting in different backdrops, etc. – it never looks right to me. I’m picky. I’m all about getting it as close as possible in-camera and keeping the editing to a minimum.

On an unrelated note: the recommended tags for this blog entry crack me up: cloning, dna, ethics, bioethics, philosophy, neanderthal, shopping. I guess WP doesn’t like irresponsible cloning! 😉


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