Night of the Comet

I know this is a picture repost, but I wanted to do something to note the asteroid‘s arrival and felt this picture nailed it. The asteroid is swinging by our little blue gem and it’s being classed as one of the closest misses on the record. Do you know how close? It’ll be 17,000 miles (27,300 kilometers) away from the surface.

To put it in perspective:

  • Some of our satellites orbit the earth at 22,000 feet (most are lower though).
  • Fly from Europe to USA’s West Coast three times; the distance covered will be approximately equivalent to the asteroid’s distance to earth’s surface.

IF it hit earth’s atmosphere – it won’t! – it’d have similar results to the one that hit Russia’s Siberia in the Tunguska region. It could easily destroy a small city. Scared yet?

clones women fear light
Zombie Photography

It won’t be visible here in the States, boo! Best viewing spots are in Asia, Australia and Europe. If you’re on that side of the planet and have a big zoom lens, a telescope or binoculars, use this link to help you find it. As you probably can see, I’m a bit of an astronomy geek. I’m hoping to get a nice telescope after I move.

About the picture: single flash through (or bouncing off? I don’t remember) an umbrella. The flash had an amber gel on it, which created the orange light. They’re fun to play with, and cheap to get: Roscoe flash sample pack Keep an eye out for sales – the big box stores like amazon, B&H Photo and Adorama sometimes offer this for 1 cent plus shipping (about $5 or so). In the old days, they were used to balance certain lights like florescent to minimize the green tint, but with the advent of digital white balance, the gels are going by the wayside now.