Self portrait: fairy tale series

Awhile ago, I lost my wireless flash transmitter and haven’t been able to use my flashes. Well, technically I could’ve, if it was on-camera flash, but I detest the frontal blast look. It’s not flattering unless you know how to manage it, and while I do, it’s just a pain in the ass because I have fewer lighting options. Last week I caved after looking for the transmitter for the umpteenth time, and ordered an entirely new set – because buying just the transmitter would’ve cost almost as much as a new set. Where’s the logic in that?

Now I have no excuses for not doing self portraits!

woman covered in bandaids pillow
Zombie Photography

I kinda want to get a proper haircut first, though…I haven’t had one in over two years, and I’ve been holding off because I’m hoping it’ll be long enough to donate to a charity that makes wigs for cancer patients in a few months. It’ll be my second time. My hair looks like crap right now, heh.

But no excuses! I’ll make it work.

About this picture: it’s a part of a fairy-tale-in-the-real-world series. Can you guys figure out what’s going on here? I’ll give a hint if nobody guesses in a day or so.