PanStarr Comet Sighting

Between work and lack of motivation, I haven’t been taking pictures lately. I did haul my butt down to the beach on Friday, though, to snap the PanStarr Comet. It was freakishly cold with the wind blasting off the ocean, and I didn’t think to bring my pocket handwarmers.

I’m glad I went. The weather turned foul the next day and has been since, even though the weatherman promised clear skies.

Zombie Photography
Zombie Photography

Here, PanStarr is passing “over” Mars.  A once in a lifetime sight.

Reminder: If you’re in the northern hemisphere, the PanStarr peak is supposed to be around the 12th – tomorrow! – but will be visible for a couple weeks more, so if you miss it tomorrow, you’re not out of luck. It will be very low in the sky; if you’ve any buildings or mountains – or even hills – west of you, you probably won’t be able to see it. While I watched, it slowly drifted on a slight diagonal from that spot by Mars northward (to the right) and upward. When it got to the portion of the sky where it’s creamy, it faded from visible sight.



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