PDN versus Rodney Smith

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Synopsis if you don’t want to read: A photographer for PDN may have used Rodney Smith’s image for inspiration and pretty much duplicated the image with a few minor changes. The said image was used on the cover of the PDN’s magazine. Rodney Smith is crying foul. PDN asserts that it’s just a coincidence that the images are similar.

Images in question:

Is the image in question a copy? Not 100%, no, but it’s pretty close. I’m divided on this. On one hand, I’ve used other photographers’ images for inspiration. But I don’t try to copy the images. I generally will come up with a different interpretation of the concept and make it my own.

And…there’s so many creative photographers that there are bound to be coincidentally similar images every now and then. It’s wholly possible that PDN’s claim that they didn’t use Smith’s image for inspiration is true. I’m skeptical though. I’m a skeptical and cynical person by nature.

Curious what you guys think. Is it okay to use other photographers’ images for ideas? To make a near-copy? Could it be just one big coincidence?


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  1. I read somewhere that you should get your inspiration from many different artists and that you should work on your personal interpretation. That’s the point of inspiration anyway. As a student it is ok to copy someone elses work in the process of finding your personal point of view, but if we’re talking about a mature artist a so similar interpretation is not good. That being said I am still trying to find this unique personal style…

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