The Redesigned Flickr

Yahoo/Flickr just relaunched their site.

What do you think? Love it? Hate it?

If you didn’t use it before, will you now?

Me? The jury’s still out. The interface looks pretty slick, but I keep thinking it looks a lot like 500px, Pinterest and Tumblr. They could’ve used this opportunity to advance past these, and introduce something really new. Innovative. Set a trend instead of following the others.


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  1. Adding an update: wow. Flickr’s CEO Mayer managed to offend a lot of people by claiming there are “no such thing really as professional photographers.”

    On the flickr’s forum, there are over 17000 comments, a vast majority of them lambasting the changes.

    And evidently (at the time of writing this) Flickr took down their contact us link.

    If you want to jump ship, here are a few alternatives:
    Ipernity (new to me, going to check it out) – seems like a favorite; Ipernity is making a script to make it easy to import your pictures

    I haven’t decided if I’ll move – I haven’t been too active on flickr in the recent months, but solely for principle’s sake (especially after Mayer’s comments) I’m seriously considering it.

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