Beach Panorama

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Zombie Photography

Over the weekend, this beach was as crowded as a Miami beach, compounded by cars, for the Fourth of July weekend. Between the departure of the vacationers and the weather (it had been cloudy all day) I knew that the beach would be fairly empty last night.

This is actually two frames stitched together by hand.  I shot this with my “big zoom.” Normally I have a dislike for horizons that are smack in – or nearly so – middle, but I wanted to include the clouds because they add a little bit nteriest to an otherwise boring sky. Yea, nay? Should I trim the top a bit more?

And for shit and giggles, here’s my sidekick:

Zombie Photography
Zombie Photography

Light was quite strong even despite being close to sunset; I reckon it’s because it was reflecting off the water. Still, it’s a keeper for sentimental reasons.


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