The Last Blush

long exposure at beach
Zombie Photography

Over the weekend, we had a rare…I’m not kidding when I say it’s rare. I’ve never ever seen this before…a rare day where the sky was so crystal clear that I couldn’t detect any trace of marine fog over the ocean. Not even a hint of haze. It was clear from horizon to horizon. In five years of living by the Pacific coast, I’ve never seen this  before.

Needless to say, I’m still in awe of how beautiful it was. But at the same time, the lack of clouds made the sky very boring to look at. Looking for a way to make this scene a bit more interesting, I pulled out my ND100 filter to do long exposures.

For you exif geeks: 30 secs, ISO 100, and f5.6.

And for shit and giggles (this is terrible composition)… If you’re puzzling over what you’re looking at: this was a sandbar about 15 minutes prior; the tide started coming in and started to cover this sandbar with an inch or two of water.

Without filter:

water ocean
Zombie Photography

With the ND100 filter, again 30 secs:

long exposure
Zombie Photography