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Warning: slightly off topic post ahead. I’m feeling chatty today.

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Over the weekend, it was so nice that we went to the beach two, sometimes three times a day, and Furball is now a little gimpier than usual from overexerting himself. On top of that, poor Furball just got a bath and the stink washed away. I enjoy the clean smell and silky hair so much, thus I’ve banned him from going into the water for a couple weeks. Which means no beach for us at all because every time we go to the beach, he must go wading (coughspoiledcough) and sometimes he gets so excited that he drags me into the water if I don’t let him off the leash.

It’s embarrassing. He’s a great, well-mannered dog, but when he sees that ocean beckoning him, years of training fly right out of his numbskull head.

Sunday in particular. There were horses on the beach. Which means “horse apples.” He knows he isn’t allowed to eat them, and most of the time he’ll ignore them. But Sunday? We were strolling along the beach, I was gazing at the waves, deep in thought and I didn’t see the telltale dark bumps in the sand just up ahead in time. Usually I will leash him up if I know horses have been out because I know he is tempted by them, and better safe than sorry, right? But Sunday, I didn’t see them.

He did.

He’s usually a velcro dog, even at the beach – right by my side. So when he ran ahead, that grabbed my attention. Then he snuck a look over his shoulders to see if I was watching and then gobbled one up. All the while, staring at me, just daring me to do something. Tail wagging slowly. Mockingly.

Are you following this? Just like a bratty toddler kid. He looked to see if mom was watching. Saw she was. Did it anyway. And smirked.


I calmly firmly called him to me in my “come here now or you’re in trouble!” non-shouting voice and usually his recall is rock solid. But not on Sunday. He played keepaway “nyah nyah can’t catch me!” – which is absolutely verboten also – and ran circles around me gobbling up an “apple” on every lap while I glared at him.

If you own a dog, you probably know that A. it’s a bad idea to try chase your dog because he will always win, and consequentially, B. chasing the dog teaches him that he can get away with bad behavior if he can outrun you.

Normally just continuing my walk will do the trick – he won’t let himself be left behind. But there were piles of horse apples just waiting to be snacked on…

Knowing that Furball can’t resist getting pets from strangers, I roped a bystander into catching him simply by calling him. Then I marched him back home and gave him a bath because after that little snack, he was quite…aromatic.

Such a numbskull! It’s funny in hindsight, but at the time, I was NOT happy. It’s a good thing he’s cute in a funny sort of way.

golden retriever shaking water off
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Anyway, I think we’ll be taking a break from the beach and going on hikes for awhile. For as long as the weather cooperates anyhow. I’m not a fan of mud.

I’m rambling today.


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