Post Storm Beach

It must have been a slow news weekend despite Washington (nickname for our government because most of the politicking takes place in Washington D.C. for you non-Americans) shutting down. Over the weekend, our local news was plastered by weathermen forecasting a huge, violent storm that would “devastate the coast.”

It was overhyped, needless to say. I’m simultaneously relieved and disappointed; on one hand, we didn’t get a big dramatic storm for me to photograph. But on the other, my little cottage is surrounded by enormous, 200-feet-tall, 100-years old pines. Watching them sway in even the mildest breeze is unnerving at times.

On the upside, the surf was magnificent today.

Zombie Photography

The edge of the road that was washed away by the surf. There’s about 3-foot drop to the sand. I saw the water rush toward the edge and splash up in a kinda glorious – if brown pollen-laden water can be glorious – collision, and waited for about 30 minutes for it to happen again. Furball got bored and started barking in my ear, and I gave up.

Zombie Photography
Zombie Photography

In other news, my camera is definitely wonky, and I’m a little worried it goes beyond AF misalignment – when I zoom in to 100% on the computer, objects that are normally crisp and sharp look soft and ever so slightly out of focus despite my efforts to tweak it. It’s not too obvious in pictures sized for web use, so I’m going to live with it for a little while. At least until I hear whether Pentax is coming out with a new camera or not (they’re rumored to make an announcement soon). If they do, the older models’ prices will drop and it may be smarter to put that repair money toward a new body instead. We’ll see.