Long Exposure Beach

In the past week, it’s been unusually cold here – so cold that we set a couple new records. Having lived for five years on the PNW coast where we usually have mild winters, I don’t have any cold weather gear aside from an insulated winter jacket. Which meant I didn’t get out to photograph much (translation: not at all).

Rather than let this blog languish, I dug up a photo from last spring that I never posted. I think.

Zombie Photography
Zombie Photography

This is a 30-second exposure that I took at sunset. I probably used my ND-100 filter, but I don’t remember for sure. While I do like the silky water effect that the LE creates, it’s not really obvious in this scene. I recall thinking at the time that I needed to find a different site.

It’s warming up this week. Huzzah! Furball and I have a case of cabin fever.